Help for Submitting your Listing:

If you need help submitting your listing, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Submit listing on the menu at the top of the page.
  2. First you will have the option to either login OR register.
    You need to register and be logged in so that you can:

    • submit your listing
    • edit your listing
    • delete your listing
    • renew your listing
    • pay for your listing
    • receive emails regarding your listing
    • so that clients can contact you from your listing contact form
  3. After you have registered or logged in, you can now submit your listing. Fill out the rest of the form below with your listing details.You will need the following at hand to submit your listing:
    • Your HPCSA number
    • Your practice number
    • At least one image (your photo or your company logo will do)
    • Your contact information
  4. After you have filled out all your information tick “I agree to the terms of use” and click “continue” to move onto payment.
  5. Make payment either using our secure payment gateway by PayFast (Visa, Mastercard, Instant EFT) or select “pre bank transfer” to do a normal EFT. Please note that if paying via EFT your listing will be delayed until we receive proof of payment. If you pay through PayFast, your listing will be activated immediately.
  6. Click “Pay Now” to complete your listing and payment. If you have selected EFT, please remember to email us proof of payment once you have done so.

*Payment: We process our payments through PayFast (a secure online South African payment gateway). You do not need a PayFast account to pay through PayFast.

PayFast accepts VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards as well as instant EFT and is 100% safe. However you can do a normal bank transfer as well.

Help with filling out the form:

Category: This allows a user to categorize the type of therapists they are searching for. Please select the category that best describes you. If your category is not available, please pick any category and email us so that we may add your category.

Name or Practice Name: This is the name by which you will be identified on our website – either your personal name or the name of your business. This field is compulsory.

Profession: This shows directly below the “Name or Practice Name” field and this will be your title eg. Clinical Psychologist. This field is compulsory.

HPCSA No.: Here you enter your HSPA number (optional)

Practice Number: Here you enter your practice number (optional)

Address: This step is vital because this is how the website will know which area to put your listing under and will allow clients to search for therapists in their area. When entering your address, a suggested address will appear in a drop down list. Look for your address and select it from the drop down list. This field is compulsory.

Select State: This is the province, please select from the dropdown list.

City: After you have selected your province, a list of cities will appear in the dropdown list, please select your closest city.

Logo: This can either be your company logo or a profile picture of yourself. You have to upload an image.

Listing Description: This is a short description about yourself or listing which will show on pages where only a short description is needed.

Qualifications and Description: This is the long description where you can explain what services you offer in detail as well as your experience and qualifications. You can do basic formating here like bold, italic, lists etc. This field is compulsory.

Trading Hours: This will appear on your listing to show clients your trading hours. You can use any format here.

Keywords: This helps for search engines and people searching the site to find you. List a few keywords separated by commas about yourself or your practice.

Phone: Enter your phone number

Email: Enter your email address (this field is required and is needed for customers to be able to contact you). *Your email address will not be visible on the website to anyone, but will be used as the email address to send enquiries to from the contact form on your listing

Website: This is optional, you can enter your website address if you would like to add this link to your listing.

Twitter: This is optional, you can enter your Twitter profile link if you would like to add this to your listing.

Facebook: This is optional, you can enter your Facebook profile link if you would like to add this to your listing.

Google+: This is optional, you can enter your Google+ profile link if you would like to add this to your listing.

Terms of Use: You will need to agree to our terms of use before continuing.

Total Charges: This will tell you how much it will cost for your listing.

CLICK CONTINUE – if continue doesn’t work, please check that all fields above have been filled out correctly. You can’t move onto the next step until all the above fields are filled in correctly.

Payment: You can’t move onto the payment step until all previous steps have been completed correctly. You will need to ensure all fields are filled in correctly and that you’ve clicked on the “continue” button once that is done to move onto payment.

Choose your payment method: You can either pay through PayFast – a secure online payment gateway that will allow you to pay with your credit card or you can do the standard old pre-bank transfer option. If you choose PayFast your listing will be online immediately after a successful payment, if you choose pre bank transfer you will need to send your proof of payment through to us and wait for an administrator to activate your listing.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download this Guide by clicking here